Our Environmental Dedication

As we live, work, and unwind, it is becoming ever more apparent the importance a clean environment plays on us. It is a legacy that many generations to come will have to live with. Because of this it is our strong intention and responsibility to support those manufacturers’ whose products are sustainable, recyclable and environmentally friendly to our surroundings.

Assisting our clients by providing environmentally and sustainably sound standards are what we strive for. We feel that the manufacturers included in this website can aid you in achieving the highest certifications while following the compliance of strict requirements within the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.

Individual information from our manufacturers is located on each of their websites:

View Keilhauer’s statement 

           View Keilhauer’s LEED Information

           View Keilhauer’s Level Certifications

View Leland International’s statement